We are overjoyed to announce
our partnership with Sunnynook Farms.
The Breakfast Pig is extremely proud

to be serving 100% local pork!
Eat in good conscience, eat at The Breakfast Pig


Since the conception of the idea of The Breakfast Pig, the dream was always to be as local as possible. I wanted to serve dishes that had first served our community. Supporting farmers, butchers, fisherman, and our maple syrup industry meant that these products were being raised or produced by people I know and see around town and that the money spent would stay local to support the community that has supported me. Although this may sound simple given that we are surrounded by the land and environment that would promote these activities, eating local is unfortunately not that simple. Industrial farming has taken over our world in a way that was just not acceptable to me. I ate local and organic in my home, so why could I not provide this same experience for my customers? I began my search for the right farm about a year ago. I knew I wanted my animals to be treated and fed well. I approached farmers and asked a lot of questions and found Craig and Sandy Holmberg had the same views about providing great food and quality treatment of animals as I did. We agreed on how important a non GMO, corn and soy free diet is for our pigs, and we also agreed that we wanted our pigs to be happy and have some room to roam, cuddle, and play. Our partnership was born based on these values. Sunnynook Farms would be the home for our local Breakfast Pigs!
I love that I am free to visit the pigs at any time and have gone on multiple trips out to Sunnynook Farms in Echo Bay. Every time I go, I bring new visitors to see our little (some big) friends. We are always greeted with many oinks and nose rubs and the friendly faces of Craig, Sandy and their three daughters. The first visit was like I was living in a dream world. I was surrounded by pigs!! All of whom are running around, free to live a nice little piggy life! My heart was bursting with joy and I was so proud to have had a hand in this operation.
I know some people don’t eat meat or meat products, and we do definitely respect that, but this project was created in order to ensure that those of us who do eat meat are getting the best possible quality and that the pork that we serve has been treated with kindness and respect in all of it’s days on the farm. I think this is something that everyone can agree upon. I want to see the world move back to the way of life. I want people to actually eat local, rather than just talking about it, or wishing it was more readily available. I want people to support small, community driven businesses, rather than large conglomerates. I am one small business taking a large risk on our community, but I have faith that the people of this city and it’s surrounding areas will support this movement. By supporting our move to be more local, you are supporting The Breakfast Pig, Sunnynook Farms, Northern Quality Meats, and Bruni’s Butcher’s Block. What an amazing feeling to be able to do all of that while simply enjoying a breakfast! We all stand behind this project fully and completely and we are always available for any questions anyone may have. We look forward to seeing all of you and giving you the best food possible! In doing that, we have also partnered with Sayer’s Fisheries, Thomson’s Farms, Irwin’s Maple Products, and Lock City Dairies!
We make it easy to eat local! Eat in good conscience, eat at The Breakfast Pig!